All Trace Is Gone, No Clamour for a Kiss

        In a nondescript forest, two exiled individuals are about to reincarnate into the next life while striking up an intimate conversation on family legends, collective histories, love tales and folklore.  

        The film, shot on 16mm film, animation and archival materials, is divided into five chapters: Mother; A Love Story; The Tower; Unknown Land; Haunted Island. The dialogue between the two characters appears only on screen, as the film is led by a sonic narrative – a score composed for the work by British trumpeter Kevin G. Davy.

single channel video, sound, bw, 21’ 52”, 16mm film transferred to HD video, and CG animation
*Co-commissioned by FLAMIN and V.O Curations; supported through FLAMIN Fellowship 2021-22 and V.O Curations Autumn 2021 Residency; additional production support from not/nowhere; supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England