Set in the near future, an exiled human figure M who lost their home and suffers from memory loss picks up a care robot Y. In an abandoned building, Y tries to retrieve memories for M through music, while a ghost lingers in the background.

The film composites animated fragments of a ghostly city, songs from childhood memory regenerated through AI, architectural drawings and model, and original music from Lu Yan -  ex-frontman of Wuhan post-punk band AV Okubo.

Shot entirely at Duke Somerset's 500-year-old palace and a tomb for the dead, the film uses light and sound to reconfigure both front-and-back-of-the-house archi-tectural spaces within Somerset House. The film also reveals the artist's father's time serving as a guard on a military base.

single channel video, sound, bw & colour, 20’ 40”, 16mm film transferred to HD video
*Supported by the Economic and Social Research Coun-cil grant number ES/T007354/1. Commissioned by Somerset House in partnership with The Alan Turing Institute and UAL Creative Computing Institute. De-veloped in residence at Somerset House Studiosd