Drawing from the artist’s mother Wang Qingli’s 1993 expedition to Lugu Lake in Yunnan, China, the video overlays drawings, archival images, historical paintings, texts and sounds to reimagine Wang’s Lugu Lake Paintings (1994), which were later sold and unable to be found. Structured as an intimate conversation between the artist and their mother, the film weaves together narratives around intimacy, settler colonialism, matriarchy, tourism and art market. As the video tries to turn Wang's paintings from low res JEPGs to livingness, we also experience an uneasy interrogation of the complex notion of motherhood and motherland, both personal and collective.

single channel HD video, sound,color, 10’ 
*Commissioned by OCAT Institute.

Using archive material and digital animation, 'Wuhan Punk' ruminates on the disappearance of Mai Dian, the charismatic frontman of Wuhan punk group Si Dou Le. Narrated in Wuhan dialect, 'Wuhan Punk' searches for memory and resistance. The film also reveals the lost footage of an interview that the artist did with Mai back in 2010, as part of the artist's very first video work.

single channel HD video, sound,color, 12’
*Commissioned by Film & Video Umbrealla. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


Medium Rosemary Brown describes her collaboration with Beethoven, while the film travels to various places: CGI reconstructing Tambora's eruption based on Sir Stamford Raffles's official account; a Yunnan-based American missionary's poem accompanied by images of war, famine and opium; Mary Shelley drowning in Lake Geneva during the gloomy summer; and finally a hypnotic session of Brown channeling Beethoven's life and music in the volcanic darkness.

single channel HD video, sound,color, 8’35” 
*Commissioned by K11 Wuhan.

Counterfictions ultises sound and architecture to construct alternative realities on the border after the construction of Trump’s wall proposal. It starts with a journalistic comment on Donald Trump’s wall, and ends with a haunting myth of biologists tracking a genetically mutated species along the U.S.-Mexico border. Counterfictions weaves together information from scientific facts, Trump’s quote, fictional literature and mythology.

single channel HD video, sound, color, 10’40”, drawing, text *Supported by Architectural Association.


The video shows the nightmare of Dagenham regeneration councillor, who is suffering from melancholia caused by both current and past events. Ghost towers are reincarnations of past and present archetypes of the borough. They are skeletal highrises, empty follies and leftovers of neoliberal desires – dream structures of false progress. 

single channel video, sound, color, 8’25” 
*Supported by Architectural Association.


In the post-Documenta context of Athens, a privately-funded art institution proposes an open-gated, 24/7 curriculum in order to both embrace the existing street life, and bring catalyst to ongoing crises in the city. Through curating a series of programmed architectural objects in the city, the new institution hopes to bring high and low, art and life, academia and everyday life together.

collage, physical model, drawing, various dimensions
*Supported by Architectural Association.


Recent & forthcoming exhibitions:
2023, Reading International, Reading (solo, forthcoming)
2022, Whitechapel Gallery, London (performance, forthcoming)
2022, V.O Curations, London (solo)
2022, Follow the Feeling, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou (group, forthcoming)
2022, To Your Eternity, Today Art Museum, Beijing (group, forthcoming)
2022, B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt (forthcoming)
2022, Topophilia, Spurs Gallery, Beijing (group, forthcoming)
2022, Play and Loop IV, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong
2022, Soul Hunter, Surplus Space, Wuhan
2021, The Perfect Flaw, Huayu Youth Art Award, Huayu Art Centre
2021, The Dwelling Place of the Other in Me, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
2021, I Could Not Recall How I Got Here, Tabula Rasa Gallery, London
2021, 9/11 Twenty Years On, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York
2021, Videoex, Zurich
2021, Art Lovers Movie Club: Wuhan Punk, ArtReview, London
2021, Wuhan Punk: Chris Zhongtian Yuan, Frank Davis Memorial Lecture, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London (performance lecture)
2021, A Continuation of Decentralized Reality with Expanding Intimacy, OCAT Institute, Beijing
2021, Spring Time, Palm Trees, Antenna Space, Shanghai
2021, Hyper Fuctional, Ultra Healthy | not/nowhere Presents, Somerset House, London
2021, London Design Biennale, London
2020, 5th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Art Triennale, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan
2020, Film & Video Umbrella, London
2020, 1815, K11, Wuhan (solo)

Selected residencies, awards & commissions:
Somerset House Film Commission (2022)
Arts Council England Project Grant (2022)
Huayu Youth Award Finalist (2021)
K11 Art 11 Prize Winner (2021)
V.O Curations, London (2021)
Film London FLAMIN Fellowship (2021-22)
OCAT Institute Research-based Curatorial Project (2020)
Film & Video Umbrella Commission (2020)
Aesthetica Art Prize Winner (2020)
Campo Space, Rome (2017)
Rice University SOA Fellowship (2014-15)
Salt Lake City 69.70 International Competition Honorable Mention (2013)
Metropolitan Design Center Research Travel Fellowship (2010)
University of Minnesota Global Excellence Scholarship (2007-11). 

Strange Intimate Archive, Mn Artists, Walker Art Center (2022)
A Heavy Choking, A Monster Roars, A Neglected Dawn, Chán Magazine (2021)

Selected press and texts:
Ghost World by Travis Jeppesen for Huayu Youth Art Award, translated by Dot Jia (2021)
Artforum Critics’ Picks by Fiona He (2021)
LEAP, A Continuation of Decentralized Reality with Expanding Intimacy by Maifen (2021)
OCAT Institute, Close, Closer, in conversation with Sophie Xiaofei Guo (2021)
K11 Wuhan, 1815, Yoojin Choi, Year Without a Summer (2020)
K11 Wuhan,1815, Maja Mazurkiewicz, Re-imaging Nature in History (2020)
K11 Wuhan,1815, Xin Wang, Water Spilling from the Eaves Deafens Me (2020)
K11 Wuhan,1815, Doron von Beider, Entropy (2020)
Aesthetica Magazine, Between Reality and Fiction, in conversation with Manijeh Verghese (2020)
AArchitecture 40, Wuhan Punk (2020)
Film & Video Umbrella, Steven Bode, Wuhan Punk (2020)
Film & Video Umbrella, Iris Long, Unreal (2020)
Aesthetica Art Prize, Counterfictions (2020)


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