Recent & forthcoming:
2021, Counterfictions, London Design Biennale, London, UK
2020-21, Wuhan Punk, 5th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Art Triennale, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, CN
2020, Wuhan Punk, Film & Video Umbrella, London, UK
2020, 1815, K11, Wuhan, CN
2020, Wuhan Punk, Banal Objects / DIY Aesthetics, OCAT Institute, Beijing, CN
2020, Counterfictions, Aesthetica Art Prize, York Art Gallery, York, UK
2020, Counterfictions, Open Sound, Outpost Gallery, Norwich, UK
2020, Counterfictions, acting method
2019, Counterfictions, AA Project Review, London, UK
2019, Border Walks, London Zoo
2018, City of Objects, Venice Architecture Biennale Greek Pavilion
2018, Domestic Theatre, London Met Architecture School
2017, Domestic Theatre, Campo Space, Rome, IT
2017, City of Objects, AA Project Review, London, UK
2015, Shotgun, Rice Gallery, Houston, TX
2014, Binary Opposition, K11, Wuhan, CN;
2010, Boundless City, K11, Wuhan, CN.

Selected awards & commissions:
OCAT Institute Research-based Curatorial Project Winner (2020)
Film Video Umbrella Commission (2020)
Aesthetica Art Prize (2020)
CFCCA Digital Commission Finalist (2020)
Rice University SOA Fellowship (2014-15)
Salt Lake City 69.70 International Competition Honorable Mention (2013)
Metropolitan Design Center Research Award (2010)
University of Minnesota Global Excellence Scholarship (2007-11).

low theory issue 2, Wuhan Punk (2020)
OCAT Institute, Year Zero, in conversation with Claire Shiying Li (2020)
1815, Yoojin Choi, Year Without a Summer (2020)
1815, Maja Mazurkiewicz, Re-imaging Nature in History (2020)
1815, Doron von Beider, Entropy (2020)
1815, Xin Wang, Water Spilling from the Eaves Deafens Me (2020)
Aesthetica Magazine, Between Reality and Fiction, in conversation with Manijeh Verghese (2020)
AArchitecture 40, Wuhan Punk (2020)
Film & Video Umbrella, Steven Bode, Wuhan Punk (2020)
Film & Video Umbrella, Iris Long, Unreal (2020)
K11 Wuhan, 1815 (2020)
Aesthetica Art Prize, Counterfictions (2020)
Wallach Gallery, Claire Shiying Li, River Nights (2019)
City of Objects, AA Prospectus (2017)
Binary Opposition, Connecting Future Catalogue, K11 Wuhan (2014)
Boundless City, Young Video Artist Group Catalogue, K11 Wuhan (2010)

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